Natashya Pillay

Senior Associate
BSoc Sci Psychology; MSc Development Studies
After completing her Master’s degree, Natashya served a number of successful years in the public sector as a political regulatory manager, national contact centre manager, public health and policy academic. Her experience includes international agencies, such as USAID, The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and collaboration with United Nations agencies (IOM, ILO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, WHO).

She was also part of South Africa’s official opposition political party, the Democratic Alliance, holding various leadership roles most notably, National Manager of Statutory Obligations, responsible for the oversight and implementation of constitutional regulations as passed by the Parliamentary Federal Legal Commission.

Nowadays, in the corporate arena as executive recruiter and researcher, she’s enjoying being exposed to the dynamics of business and leadership trends, through partnering with local and international clients. A great deal of her current work complements her public sector experience.

Management and organisational psychology continues to underpin her professional trajectory; she’s a continuous learner, with a strong intellectual grounding and a love of impactful work and collaboration. But there’s still space in her repertoire for a creative streak: she recently started an apprenticeship as a professional makeup artist. Giving credence to her belief that, with high-profile leaders, that style is just as important as substance.

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