Nadeema Jones

Administration and Database Manager
National Higher Diploma: Early Childhood Development; B.Ed (current)
Nadeema had a long history in traffic management and client support in the advertising industry, before joining the Jack Hammer team – supporting the executive search consultants to achieve their business objectives, scheduling their professional lives and optimising their productivity.

She is passionate about achieving the impossible and pulling things off that no else can. It also brings her great joy to see that the support that she gives has made a positive impact on everyone she has interacted with. She loves being part of a solution!

Nadeema also plays an integral role in the greater admin team who work together to keep the wheels turning for the smooth running of the office (or the remote office, these days!).

Her personal achievements are not to be overlooked, either – in the past year, Nadeema has completed two marathons, four half marathons and several long distance cycle races. She may yet become Jack Hammer’s first long-distance triathlete!

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