Debbie Goodman-Bhyat

Debbie is the founder and CEO of Jack Hammer.

For more than 20 years, she has partnered with some of the region’s top corporations, as well as global private equity investors in Africa – helping them find great leaders for executive and board appointments. She is currently in the US, extending Jack Hammer’s footprint to California.

Her latest start-up business is Virtual Coaching Partners, an online platform that connects professionals and entrepreneurs with world class career coaches, globally.

Debbie’s first book, “IntheFlow – Taking Mindfulness to Work”, was listed in the ‘Top 10 Best’ South African business books. Her next one, ‘Inside the Interview – The Secret to Great Hiring Decisions’, is to be published in 2019.
She plays a global leadership role in EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organisation), an international network of more than 14 000 entrepreneurs affiliated to YPO and WPO. She is currently working on a global diversity study with Harvard Business School, and is establishing an international mentorship program for social entrepreneurs.

Debbie delivers keynotes and workshops internationally, appears on radio and TV business news shows, and is a regular contributor to international publications.
Her unique style and vision may come from her somewhat unconventional background: In her ‘first’ career, she was an award-winning contemporary dancer and choreographer…whilst completing her law degree!

“Leadership provides daily opportunity for creative endeavour. I love being immersed in the ‘business’ of leadership, where mastery requires rigour and passion, and the demands for excellence are relentless. Almost as tough as being a dancer”.