Finding Great Leaders

When people fit, they reveal their greatness. And that’s what compels us.

We’re no ordinary executive search firm.

Since inception (more than two decades ago), we have been shaking things up in the world of executive search, frequently being the only female-led global search boutique amongst our peers.

With our team of partners and associates throughout the US, and industry expertise in several verticals, Jack Hammer has helped hundreds of companies, NPOs and high-growth VC-backed start-ups to build and diversify their leadership teams and Boards.

We do this by finding the balance between performing to win and building connection; challenging the status quo and keeping it real. Always digging deep and looking beyond the obvious.

That’s why we’re called Jack Hammer.  

A partner of IRC – the world’s number 1 executive search network




Executive search

Great leaders are hard to find. So we look beyond the obvious – sometimes in unlikely places – drilling deep from start to finish. We give you a honed set of choices that fit your business, and help you navigate the process of selecting and appointing the right one.

Market mapping

With market maps, we help you make some of your best and most informed decisions. Market Mapping (also called ‘Talent Mapping’) provides assurance on important business (and people) decisions, by giving you data and insights.

Non-Executive Directors

We offer a blend of search and networking, providing you with a longlist, and helping you appoint non-executive directors who enrich strategy, support and challenge the executive.

We’re clear about our purpose – finding leaders who grow great companies. Because when people fit, they reveal their greatness, and everyone thrives.
“I have such appreciation for all the hard work done on the recruitment side and all in record time. We can be difficult but Jack Hammer’s efforts have really given us momentum in South Africa. They’ve laid a great foundation for us.”
Swiss Re Tava Madzinga – CEO, UK and Ireland: Swiss Re
“First and most important I think we found an ideal candidate. The process agreed for the search was implemented to plan. All in all a very positive experience; I would recommend your firm and I would rate your service highly.”
Swiss Re Steve Ross – Director, Christel House International
“You provided us with a fantastic list of candidates, so we really had solid cohort to interview and both we and (our internal candidate) know she led a pack of very competitive people for the role.”
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Nicholas Hodges – COO: Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
“Rebel Girls owes much of its success to Debbie – She is an incredible asset for me and for the company, and I can’t imagine functioning without her. She is very smart, very strategic, and very experienced with execs and startups.”
Rebel Girls Jes Wolfe – CEO: Rebel Girls

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