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Executive search sector expertise – broad and deep

Education & Edutech

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  1. Edutech & E.Learning
  2. Edutainment
  3. Secondary & Tertiary Private Education
  4. Corporate Leadership academies

Since the early years of shifting classroom teaching to technology-based platforms, Jack Hammer has been at the forefront of helping global Edutech and E.learning organisations build their leadership teams. At first, talent pools in the Edtech space were almost non-existent, and so we supported pioneering companies with identifying talent ready for change. This spawned our fast-growing practice into other areas of the traditional education sector, corporate leadership academies and the global edutainment sector.

Financial Services & Fintech

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  1. Banking (traditional and digital)
  2. Digital payments & E.commerce
  3. Online lending
  4. Insurance & Insuretech
  5. Asset & Wealth management
  6. Capital Markets & Investment Banking
  7. Microfinance

With our roots in traditional financial services, we have shifted with the times and our deep expertise now also includes all areas of fintech, and the broader ‘financial inclusion’ sector; notably the ecosystem of technology and digital transformation providers, think-tanks, consulting services, data science and analytics offerings, and the private equity, venture capital and impact investors in the sector.

Impact Investors

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  1. Foundations
  2. Philanthropic Investors
  3. NPOs
  4. Charitable institutions
  5. Industry bodies
  6. Thinktanks
  7. Research institutions
  8. CSI initiatives

We are proud to have helped mission-driven organisations with their most pressing talent needs. Most recently, our clients in the sector include Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Omidyar Network, and Flourish Ventures. In our archives, leadership and executive level appointments are to be found in global think-tanks, industry bodies, and research institutions, as well as private foundations focusing on the education and financial inclusions sectors.

Agri & Food Producers

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  1. Diversified Agricultural organisations
  2. Agritech
  3. Food producers
  4. Co-operatives
  5. Fishing
  6. Wine

With a team of consultants who have first hand experience in the agri sector (several have grown up on farms, and everyone loves wine), we have had the privilege of supporting many diversified and specialised agricultural and food-processing companies with leadership appointments. These include some of the world’s top food and agricultural services organisations who have a presence in Africa. These searches all require local (African) knowledge and cultural nuance, in order to achieve successful outcomes.  

Retail & Consumer Products

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  1. Retail (apparel, food, home)
  2. Fashion brands
  3. Health and beauty brands
  4. Lifestyle and home brands
  5. Restaurant groups
  6. Franchisors

The retail and consumer products industries are going through a seismic shift due to a range of factors impacting purchasing behaviour and buying trends, not least of which include the tremendous uptick in e.commerce due to digital transformation and Covid. Finding leaders who can help our clients in these sectors to stay ahead of the curve, and thrive in the face of immense challenges, is typically an integral part of our search mandates in this sector.

Private Markets: Private
Equity & Venture Capital

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  1. Private equity
  2. Venture capital
  3. Social Impact & philanthropic investing

We have aligned with many private equity firms over the years, supporting them with their internal appointments, as well as with key leadership roles in their portfolio companies. We know what it takes to ensure that appointments in portfolio companies are successful (without full buy-in from all the parties, it could be a recipe for disaster), and so we have refined our processes accordingly. Our global private equity clients partner with us to ensure that a high quality, thorough talent search process has been conducted; in particular when their portfolio companies are in Africa, and their own professional networks are limited. 

Services / Consulting

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  1. IT
  2. Management Consulting
  3. Auditing

Industrial / Manufacturing

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  1. Oil and gas
  2. Petrochemical
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Engineering
  5. Mining


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  1. Construction / Property Development
  2. Corporate Real Estate
  3. REITs
  4. Property Asset Management
  5. Property-tech

From working on behalf of institutional investors to appointing senior leadership with leading property developers, Jack Hammer’s expertise runs the gamut of the corporate and private property industries.


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  1. Media and entertainment
  2. Gaming and edutainment
  3. Content services and publishing

With the advent of the digital age, traditional media houses have had to reinvent themselves, appointing leaders as well-versed in app development as they are in groundbreaking content. With our access to cross-functional experts, we introduce our clients to executives who lead varied, constantly-innovating teams, both in the creative and corporate sides of business.

Life Sciences &
Healthcare Innovation

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As pioneers in emerging markets and emerging industries, we help companies at any stage of their evolution and growth with their key hiring needs. This includes early venture companies who need hiring support and advice.

We are currently immersed in the alternative healing and healthcare innovation sectors globally, including therapeutic psychedelics, cannabis and related biotech.


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  1. CIO & CTO
  2. Chief Digital Officer; Digital transformation
  3. Data Science & Analytics, Machine Learning, AI
  4. Cyber security
  5. Software development, App development
  6. E.commerce

With technology constantly evolving and driving development in a multitude of different industries, it is imperative that your leadership comprises the best talent there is. And, while one could argue that tech platforms can match candidates with certain skillsets to great jobs, our team at Jack Hammer ensures that, in addition to the technical boxes being ticked, executives also fit the bill in terms of leadership capability, strategic vision and operational excellence. That’s something that even the best AI can’t do yet.

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