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Being an executive search professional, whether you’re a consultant or a researcher, is a career for people with tremendous grit, tenacity, adaptability, and smarts.

At Jack Hammer, we’re clear about our purpose – finding leaders who grow great companies. To do this well, we need to be great ourselves. We do this by finding the balance between performing to win and building connection; challenging the status quo and being authentic; extraordinary rigour and effortless flexibility.

Our team is made up of top quality professionals, who work together seamlessly, and are as accountable to one another as we are to our clients. More importantly, we have cultivated an environment where we get to experience love and loyalty in our workspace every day.

This is pretty special, and it translates into optimal productivity and excellent performance.

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If you have experience as an executive recruiter (contingency or search), headhunter or researcher, and want to work in a flexible, awesome environment like ours, please send a CV and motivating letter to:

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1301 21st st,, Manhattan Beach, California, 90266

+1 213 376 5225

South Africa

29 Loop St, Cape Town, South Africa

+27 21 4256677

+27 11 7841822

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